Design Your Own Park: Create-it Task #2

Design a Park

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I sometimes have the opportunity to take a class on a field trip to a local park. As a follow-up activity, I like to ask students to get creative and come up with concepts for their own parks. They might, for example, create an aquarium-themed park, a teenager-only park a trampoline park, or a food park complete with pizza-shaped slides. The more unusual, the better!

What to do:

  1. Brainstorm a list of park-related vocabulary, and create a class list of new words.
  2. Divide your class into small groups.
  3. Introduce the topic. Display the slide above, or create a list of questions of your own that you would like students to respond to. Give them time to discuss.
  4. (Optional, but recommended) Hand out poster paper, and instruct students to draw a picture of their new park.
  5. Give students time to prepare a presentation for their classmates. Tell them that they should be able to describe their picture, and explain why their idea deserves to win the new park competition.
  6. (Also optional) After all groups have presented, take a class survey: Which group should win the competition, and why?

Did you like this activity?

If you like this type of activity, please let me know in the comment section below, and I’ll post more like it. And if you tried this out in your class, I’d love to know how it worked out for you.

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