Sell It! – The Balloon Chair – A Creative Writing and Speaking Prompt

Sell This Object - Balloon Chair

I like to use “Sell It” prompts after teaching comparative and superlative adjectives, although there are a lot of other ways that they can be tied into your lessons. Here’s what I usually do:

  • 1- Introduce some new product-related descriptive adjectives. (I come up with a list of about 7-10 new words based on the level of my class. These might include: comfortable, uncomfortable, cutting-edge, old-fashioned, masculine, feminine, etc.)
  • 2- Show the class various pictures of products cut from magazines, and ask the class to describe them using the new vocabulary.
  • 3- Show the prompt above to the entire class, and ask them to use the prompts to write a creative description/advertisement for the product using the questions as guidelines. This can be done in small groups for speaking practice or independently, if you want to focus on writing.
  • Another alternative is, instead of using the prompt above, to hand out a picture of a different product to each student or group. One student might get an old-fashioned bicycle, another might get a car made of grass, and another might get a futuristic robot. Then each student can “sell” a different product.
  • 4- Finally, students come up to the front of the room and take turns trying to sell the item from the picture.

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