Hello teachers

I’m an adult ESL teacher at a little school with big glass windows and views of the city that make new students “ooh” and “ah” as soon as they walk through the elevator doors. We have small classes, and students come from around the world, so I hear lots of anecdotes about life around the world on a daily basis. I’ve been teaching English as a Second Language for close to ten years, and every day is still pretty interesting.

I’ve decided to start this blog as a resource to help other teachers make their classrooms more interactive. I plan to use this site to organize my own teaching activities, and give advice to newer teachers.  So teachers, please follow me, check back soon, and feel free to comment or say hello. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Hello teachers

  1. Hello! I’ve just started following, but I love the ideas that you have posted so far. I teach ESL at a technical college in Georgia. The classes are big (some up to 30 students), and the students are from all parts of the world and many times vary in proficiency level, all of which can make it challenging to teach. I love the challenge however, and I am determined to become a great ESL teacher! I will be trying out your ideas and I will give you feedback on their success! Thanks!


    1. Hi Kristen, Thanks for visiting and taking the time to say hi. 🙂 It’s always challenging to teach classes with mixed proficiencies, but it sounds like you make them fun. I’m looking forward to hearing how my ideas work out for you, and I hope they’re helpful!


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